Offer for doctors

Practice marketing

Your professional qualifications and personality as a medical practitioner as well as your socially accepted role as an expert in the healing and prevention of disease states are unfortunately no longer sufficient guarantees for an economically successful practice today. Therefore, a coherent marketing concept that suits you is necessary to retain existing patients and attract new ones.

Performance at a glance

  • Definition of worthwhile target groups/indications based on your patient clientele
  • Support in the definition of marketing objectives
  • Corporate identity for your practice - ensuring recognition
  • Creation of a marketing mix
  • Patient information

Employee search

Recruitment can often be accompanied by expensive wrong decisions. To minimise this risk, in most cases it helps to involve a neutral person from outside the practice in the application process. This makes it easier for you to come to a final objective assessment of the applicants.
For all contractual and labour law matters, I work in close cooperation with a law firm specialising in labour law.

Performance at a glance

  • Joint creation of requirement profiles
  • Search for applicants
  • Support with the selection of applicants
  • Conducting preliminary interviews with applicants
  • Support during the recruitment interview and the selection decision
  • Development of familiarisation plans

Team training

Your staff are an important figurehead for your practice. The first contact with your reception staff lets the patient decide whether he or she feels in good hands and well cared for in your practice or whether he or she prefers to go to another doctor. Therefore, it is important to continuously train your team and strengthen their skills for optimal patient care and service orientation.

Performance at a glance

  • Analysis of the initial situation
  • Creation of training concepts
  • Conducting training and on-the-job training

Anti-corruption in the health sector

The legal framework in the health sector is subject to constant change. The new penal code paragraph is a current example of this, which is causing great uncertainty among all actors in the health sector.

Performance at a glance

  • Drawing up legally compliant recommendations for conduct
  • Review current procedures in the field:
  • Product purchasing
  • Congress and training invitations
  • Cooperations
  • Speaker activities

Advertising of medicinal products in the health sector

Advertising is an essential element of entrepreneurial activity. Today, every practising doctor should have a website and, depending on the focus of his or her activity, also position himself or herself in the area of social media. Patient brochures and other material advertising media in the practice are also standard. But what is allowed and what is prohibited? We help you to design your advertising presence online and offline in a legally compliant manner.

Performance at a glance

  • Proposals for legally compliant advertising claims
  • Review current promotional materials & publicity e.g.
  • Patient brochures
  • Advertisements
  • Website
  • Social Media - Postings