Philipp Hasenöhrl

Philipp Hasenöhrl

since 2021 

Official sales partner for cosmetics, food supplements and medical products

since 2021 

Managing director under trade law for operating licence for a private hospital and trade and rental of medical devices

since 2021 

Foundation and management of excellent med Germany GmbH in Munich, Germany

since 2021 

Management excellent med GmbH in Innsbruck, Austria (competence centre for plastic surgery)

2015 - 2020 

Deputy Director Hospital and Ordinaries excellent med GmbH

2010 - 2015 

Administrative activities/health care management (organisation of the operating theatre, purchasing and company support, market analysis, complaints management, patient care, accounting, training and workshops for doctors) excellent med GmbH

Studies in Economics and Social Sciences at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration - International Business Studies


  • Market overview: companies, which products, prices
  • Company strategies, marketing strategies, support for doctors
  • Market trends
  • Fieldwork requirements
  • Company presentation
  • Expectations of doctors & end consumers
  • Portfolio approaches
  • B-C – strategies